Our group is presenting our latest research at the 13th US National Combustion Meeting

Our group will be presenting our latest research in combustion modeling at the 13th US National Combustion Meeting at Texas A&M between March 19 to March 22, 2023.

Anuj Kumar will be presenting his latest implementation of deep operator networks (DeepONets) to accelerate the chemistry integration of complex fuels. The work yields significant speed up and excellent predictions of species profiles during the low- and high-temperature oxidations of n-dodecane.

Arsalan Taassob will be presenting a novel implementation of physics-informed neural networks (or PINNs) to model the Sandia flames starting with multiscalar and velocity measurements in these flames. The work illustrates the ability of PINNs to reconstruct mean profiles of principal components (which represent species), the axial and radial velocity components and the density.

Kevin Gitushi will be presenting his work in collaboration with Dr. Sultan Alqahtani on the implementation of a hybrid chemistry approach to accelerate the low-temperature oxidation of complex fuels. The work illustrates the implementation strategies the speed up achieved with this approach compared to direct integration.

Also, Dr. Kisung Jung from Sandia will present work on the implementation of principal component transport to accelerate direct numerical simulations (DNS) of homogeneous charge compression ignition. This work is a collaboration with Dr. Jacqueline H. Chen group at Sandia that involves Dr. Jung, Mr. Kumar, Dr. Echekki and Dr. Chen.